About Rawley

Local architect and business leader Rawley McCoy is running for Mayor of Victoria in the May 2019 city election.

McCoy founded the architecture firm Rawley McCoy and Associates in 1995, which today has 12 full-time employees and has collaborated on major construction and infrastructure projects throughout the Golden Crescent and State of Texas.

He cites revitalizing the city’s economic vision, repairing an aging infrastructure, improving emergency preparedness, and managing city government like a well-run business as his chief priorities.

“Victoria is a wonderful place with great potential, but we have fallen behind in recent decades. We have not developed a sustainable base of higher-paying local jobs, several of our major retail and commercial businesses have closed, and we have difficulty retaining talent and attracting top-tier economic development. I know how to attract talent and grow a business in Victoria, because I’ve done it for nearly 40 years as a business owner. As Mayor, I want to renew our vision for a city steeped in history, yet bursting with excitement for a prosperous future,” said McCoy.

McCoy credits his success in business to Victoria’s long-held conservative values of hard work and self-determination. He was first introduced to architecture as a sophomore at Victoria High School, and nurtured his interest by interning with the late Victoria architect Warren Young. After working his way through Victoria College and Texas A&M University, graduating with two degrees, Rawley turned down opportunities to work in major cities and instead chose to establish his practice in his hometown.

“This is a special place. When I was born, my father was managing a grocery store, but he worked hard, and together with some partners started a concrete business that lasted four decades. I knew that hard work could grow a career and a business in Victoria. Now, I work with businesses and community leaders all over Texas, and I know that today’s economy is growing more and more competitive. If we want Victoria to be the kind of place where future generations can live their American Dream, we need to be serious about laying a foundation for future success. Ultimately, that’s why I feel compelled to run for Mayor,” said McCoy.

Rawley has a real plan... not just sound bites or slogans!


McCoy has a long history of servant leadership with the area. He has served on numerous city boards and commissions, and helped to found the Victoria Business and Education Coalition. He has worked with Victoria College for 35 years and led its Master Plan efforts, and served seven years on the school board of Trinity Episcopal School and in several local and regional church leadership positions. McCoy serves on the Government Affairs Committee of the Texas Society of Architects and represented our region’s interests on the association’s Hurricane Harvey Recovery Task Force, where he worked to develop plans for recovery and future preparedness. He has also been very involved with the Gulf Bend Collaborative, studying ways to better address mental health needs in the region.

McCoy and his wife, Kay, are blessed with three children and seven grandchildren.