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Upgrade our city’s aging infrastructure.

Roads, emergency services, and basic utilities such as water are central to our quality of life and ability to attract high quality jobs to Victoria. By improving core services, we will make our community safer and more enjoyable, and create the building blocks for future economic progress.

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Create a climate for desirable retail growth.

In recent years, Victoria has lost several major retail and dining options, and our city has not been able to sustain desirable retail growth. We can fix this by developing our workforce to fill key gaps, targeted initiatives to fill specific retail voids, and a comprehensive marketing plan to drive local sales.

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Attract high quality industry to expand and diversify our economy.

In today’s economy, we have to compete to bring high quality industry to Victoria over other cities. These jobs will provide opportunities for our citizens to advance careers locally and make our local economy more resilient. We can do this by focusing on our city’s strengths, making smart investments in our infrastructure, community partnerships for educational and workforce development, and policies that make it cheap, quick, and easy to do business in Victoria.

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Faithful stewardship of our city’s finances and your tax dollars.

By investing in retail and industrial growth, we can reduce the burden on property taxpayers. As a successful business owner, Rawley McCoy will seek to run the city like a well-run business with balanced budgets, smart investments, and fiscal discipline.